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Anita Thandi, MA, RCC and Anil Baines MA, RCC


At South Point Counselling Group in Surrey, BC, our Therapists offer counselling and other specialized services as part of the full service therapy practice.  The main focus of our practice is counseling / therapy offering services for Individuals, Couples and Families. If you are unsure as to how counselling can be helpful, speaking with one of the South Point counsellors and therapist can help define your goals and recommend a course of action for you, your relationship or family. At times a client may initially access individual counselling and then find it beneficial to move into couples or family counselling. We also work closely with other resources in the community and help facilitate a referral to an appropriate service if needed. We want our clients to have the most comprehensive and personalized counselling treatment that is available.

Additionally, we offer services such as Workshops / Training in the community and to a variety of organizations. Our therapists can design and offer a specific workshop based on the needs of the client or agency.